St Paul's Church, Village of Flatbush, Brooklyn


The St. Paul’s Youth Group is the hub of Youth Ministry at St. Paul’s. It is an organization for youth, run by the youth. They manage every aspect of the organization focusing on three main aspects of the member’s lives; spirituality, service/community outreach, and social events. The St. Paul’s Youth Group is also a safe environment where youth (12-18) can fellowship with each other, and develop lifelong relationships.

Acolyte Guild

I will go unto the altar of God, even unto the God of my joy and gladness. – Ps. 43:4

The Acolyte Guild of St. Paul’s Church In the Village of Flatbush is committed to providing dedicated assistance to the Clergy of our parish and the Episcopal communities in celebration of the Eucharist and special services, and by helping the parish attain a greater sense of reverence through our example of service and commitment both at the altar and in our community. Diversity of an extensive training in different positions of the altar helps to develop leadership skills, confidence, self awareness and achievement. One of our most important goals is to develop a structured bond between our Spiritual growth as well as our academic growth within the youth of this parish.

Dance Ensemble

The St. Paul’s Dance Ensemble is a liturgical dance ministry at St Paul’s Church in the Village of Flatbush. After a period of inactivity, this ensemble was reestablished in February of 2013. Presently, it is made up of two adults and four aspiring young members of the church. The ensemble excels at all of its performances despite the fact that all of its members have no prior dance experience. These women use their God given liturgical talent to enhance worship to the honor and glory of God under the leadership of Ms Jemma Barker Cureton.

Girl Scouts USA

Troops #2373, 2158, 2081, 2249

More information coming soon.

Boy Scouts USA

Troop #565